VH1's Brittanya getting nailed

VH1's Brittanya getting nailed

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my friend is a promoter here in Portland and this girl Brittanya from rock of love and charm school was here as a guest “celeb”, he got a lil lucky.  He got her wasted and took her back to his place and nailed her.  He took pictures of her passed out to prove it to us. He said she was terrible in bed.  Nik, email me if you want pictures of the other side.

What trash… Brittanya is known for banging out club promoters.  It is the only reason they book her.- nik

**Check out this email I got, click to enlarge**


I love how this email confirms intercourse and how she is a sl*t, but doesn’t lower her standards to club promoters… she is just a celeb f*cker. Brittanya, this “rape” picture isn’t going anywhere.  Somethings in life aren’t meant to disappear.- nik