THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the Chicago Blackhawks got to VanDirty last weekend, partied all Friday Night at a nightclub called The Roxy and got their ass kicked on the ice the next night 5-1. Patrick Kane looks like he has his pants off with a blonde who obviously has a greg, and an Indian chick who is fat and dresses like a lumberjack.  Married, 2 kids, awful bodied John Madden shows off his muscles to a thrilled sloot.  Kris Versteeg in douche sunglasses and shirt inside a limo…on a winter night tries to look like a rockstar while the fat chick strokes his scronny chest.

I don’t get why athletes try to ruin their marriage with ugly girls.  If you are going to cheat at least find a chick or chicks that are smoking hot.  These girls look like life ruiners for single dudes… so shimmy.- nik