THE DIRTY ARMY: Apparently Hef has had enough! Someone tweeted @CrystalHarris and asked if the twins were getting kicked out and her reply was “@bruandrews It’s not my place to talk about things going on at the Mansion that are none of my business. 4:40 PM Jan 7th from web in reply to bruandrews”. And rumor is that they were caught in a comparable position in a bathroom with a male guest at a party.

That sucks… only a couple more years and they would have made it on the will.- nik

**Update** Breaking News to some, but not to the DIRTY ARMY (We knew Jan 9) Old News:


USMagazine, January 13, 2010- And then there was one.

Two of Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends — 20-year-old twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon — are moving out of the mansion. The Playboy founder, 83, tells E! News that his relationship with girlfriend Crystal Harris, 23, has been getting “more serious” and that the twins have expressed a lot of interest in doing more Playmate-related promotional work for the company. So they’re moving into the neighboring Playmate House.