THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is a wh*re…and I mean that in a literal sense. She just got caught cheating on her husband…fine house, nice car, great guy (been friends with him a long time)…and by cheating, I mean she was turning tricks…that’s right, she’s a HOOKER! Behind his back, she was hooking for an escort service…for $250/hr. She’s been playing housewife for more people than him, apparently. By the way, this is the pic she used for the ad on the escort service website…the shot in the red shirt (the one with the strange spark-plug hairdo) features HIS house in the background. UM….If I was hiding my secret hooker life from my husband who made plenty of money, I think I’d avoid including pictures his home.

I feel like I need to shower after looking at this.- nik