THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is David Thurm*n Coach of the ritzy and uber wealthy Palos Verdes High School Equestrian team. {he’s a voluntary coach} Coach Thurm*n Is also a Real Estate Developer and an Investor. He drives around in a black Lamborghini. He has lunch at La Scala every other day. Mr Thurm*n’s pastimes include cheating on his Wife Anne with Girls From Silver City In Dallas Texas and telling everyone he is worth million’s of Dollars even though it’s his wife’s Family’s money. David has been lucky enough to even give his wife an STD. The Sick part of this is these photos were given to the School Administration. And this fast talking Scum Bag managed to convince them that the photos were fake (they are Not !! I was there!) If I was a parent at that school my head would spin off knowing this scum bag was around my 15-19 yr old daughter on a regular basis??! Can My Dirty Army Help me authenticate these photo’s or name the Girl in them or her age?? Love YA xoxo

Palos Verdes High School obviously has no class.  Coach Creepy needs to be fired immediately and his Wife needs to wake her ass up.- nik