THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik so this is the lovely Cameron Adams, another reality star (if you can call her that) turned pornstar.  She was on Tool Academy with her ‘boyfriend’ with a purple crayon who is a well known homosexual, can someone say staged relationship….I CAN.  Anyways I think the number of reality stars who turn porn star is at almost at 50% now, its ridiculous, something needs to be done…the sluttiest girls in town are making bank and becoming famous, I just don’t understand it.  I seriously didn’t think Cameron would make it to 25 she partied harder then anyone I knew, she would stay up for days doing drugs and partying with a bunch of dudes and think shes queen of the world for doing so…I guess being a wh*re pays off nowadays, makes me question going to college and getting a real job.

Check out that high tech porno cam… I always wondered how they got that shot.- nik