THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik A fat creep, “Scottie Diamond” claims to be the owner of Diamond Girls LLC , “A national modeling and night life promotional company”. He messages local girls through myspace and facebook asking them to be a “Diamond Girl”, he sent this to me me..

“Hey Gorgeous!!!! How would you like to become a Diamond Girl ???? We are a promotional and modeling company that pays you to have a good time! We promote Bars, Night clubs, Gentleman’s clubs, Tattoo shops and everything you can think of! We Pay top $$$ to go out and have a good time! Must be open minded and be the life of the party…. If this sounds like something that you might be interested in Please… send us your name, age, and phone number in a message and Someone will call you as soon as possible. We are also hiring models no exp needed pay is up to $200.00 a month . Please be sure to have your pics updated on your site. Professional pics are not necessary…. Start making money today just by going out to night clubs and having a good time!!! You must be at least 18 years old ! Talk to you soon…..XOX”

I am going to call BULLSH*T on “Scottie Diamond” The only thing the “diamond girls” are promoting is TRASH. It’s hard to say who is is nastier him or these creatures. Take a look for yourself…

–Nik, I moved the read more down a bit so you get a nice view of the buttclap..enjoy..- Gayden Solo

Thank you Gayden, breakfast this morning will never be the same.- nik