THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Adrianna M*rie. You’ve had her on blast before. She thinks she is some myspace goddess when in reality she is a jobless loser who who porks grandpas to pay her bills. Now she is on Twitter trying to target these gullible geysers. She whines until they buy her something off of her Amazon wishlist. She also sells her worn panties. The other day, she posted an unphotoshopped picture of herself. She says she just came back from a long run and was begging someone to buy the panties she had on for her run. I don’t know if she is scarier with all of the makeup or without it, but here is the picture she posted. It just goes to show that all these guys are right, she photoshops all of her pics. She is a dirty, ugly shim with a bee-hive weave! No wonder why her two kids are so embarrassed of her. So, I have two questions for you, Nik. Do you think she is hot without photoshop? Secondly, would you buy the panties? No moron must have taken the bait yet because she is offering “spring specials” on all of her worn panties now. LMFAO

First answer, she looks like a fat train-wreck without Photoshop and the second answer to your question is only creepy weirdo rapists buy used sweaty panties.  That is disgusting especially ones worn by a whale down below.- nik

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