the Who from Whoville

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK this girls name is cassie! but everyone calls her “tuna-cassieroll” because her vag smells something like a seafood market mixed with the dumpster at planned parenthood where they throw the aborted babies! she likes to get thru life by laying on her back and letting anything with a p*nis slide up in her! seriously, ANYTHING! she reminds everyone of a “who” from the movie “the grinch who stole christmas”. nobady has any respect for her because she doesnt respect the boundries of friendship and will end up in bedwith your boyfriend without thinking twice! she is also HPV and HSV2 positive! her teeth look like a saw-zaw blade and she weighs about 60 lbs because she is a coke-wh*re! she is fake as h*ll and bounces from friend to friend until they cut her out! she needs to be put on blast!

Is it me or does that parrot have a mullet?- nik