**People are Twittering (tweeting, twatting, whatever) me saying “Pretty Wild” show is now cancelled due to these pictures… Can someone in the DIRTY ARMY confirm please.  It would be a smart and classy move on E!’s part if that is true.

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I saw the post about Tess Taylor you put up yesterday with her smoking some weed out of a bong top-less and I realized I had some simular pictures but her smoking something different.  What Tess Taylor is smoking in these pictures is Black Tar Heroin, ask anyone that has been around it, tin foil + lighter + tuder = heroin smoking.  I use to hang out with her and get high all the time but her paranoia and drama was just way to much for me.  I watch the show and she tries to seem like she is such a good girl and some sort of “role model” but in the end she is just another Hollywood drug addict.  I hope these pictures help people realize why she was suspected of stealing from everyone of her friends and that is because of her drug addiction.  Nik with the flood gates now open I’m sure more pictures will surface.

No wonder these Pretty Wild girls steal sh*t from all their friends… they need to support their hardcore drug habit.  Love you Tess.- nik

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