You dirty couple Ryan and Alley

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this couple is a complete sham. My name is Alex and while he was dating this girl Alley K*bant I was totally doing him! We met at one of his basketball games! Ryan A you are a scum bag you said you werent dating anyone ! I absolutely hate you. I only found out that he had a girlfriend when one of his friends let it slip because I saw him at one of his games with this girl. Come to find out that they have been dating for a year. We were together for six months of that time. I feel so dirty I would have never gone out with him if I knew he had a girlfriend but seriously shes really fat and ugly wtf nik? So the best part of this all is that I found out I have an DRD and guess what he probably does to and now his fat ugly gf will to since he went home to visit her hahahaha f*ck both of you and Ryan stop calling me and texting me I dont want anything to do with your sorry *ss!

Ryan is probably keeping the green monster around for marriage purposes and just using you sexually since he cannot let go.  Also, you can tell by the look in his eyes that there are more girls.  He has “Speed Eyes” which is caused by massive amounts of Facebook chatting with random strange.- nik