THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is named Christina C and has got to be the oldest cleat chaser in Arkansas. She was a cleat chaser at LSU until she met some basketball player at the University of Arkansas on myspace or facebook and moved up here to depend on him. When he left to turn pro and dumped her ugly *ss, she quickly latched on to a football player who also just went pro. The whole time she’s been feeding off this football player she’s been hooking up with other athletes behind his back, probably so she’s got another lined up when they are done. Since I doubt this guy will be stupid enough to take her with him to where ever he went, should be interesting to see who she jumps on next. She is like 30 years old, has a college degree but refuses to get a real job and has her parents pay her bills so she can continue to take classes to “be around the college atmosphere.” She obviously has a problem staying out of tanning beds and her face looks like she’s about 50. She’s so desperate that she joined NFL wives clubs and talks to other professional athletes wives, and has a blog about being a college athlete’s spouse (even though her and this football player aren’t married). This b*tch is crazy, and it’s amazing she gets all these guys to fall for her act. She thinks she is the hottest girl in the world, but I just think she’s delusional.

This post means nothing to me unless I know the names of the pro players she is banging.- nik