THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, as a true Dirty Army Soldier I follow all TheDirty celebs on twitter and not sure if you caught the twitter war between Pucker and Nick Malibu last night but some sh*t went down.  I think Pucker is mad at Nick Malibu about him banging some chick that is a mutual friend of theirs, but im confused because I thought Nick Malibu was a Gay.  Personally I think Pucker is jealous of Nick Malibu because he might have a small part in Transformers 3 which is great for Nick Malibu the kid is trying to make it in life, not like Pucker who is all about attention and making porn.  Nik do you know why this twitter war occurred.

I don’t care how it occurred… I was watching TV when it happened, but I am #TeamMalibu till I die!- nik