THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so yesterday Nick Malibu was assaulted on the mean streets of Chicago, and right away he jumped on twitter and said Pucker had put a hit out on him.  Now to the average person that seems like a made up story, but right away Pucker had contacted her lawyer and wrote on twitter that she could not be held responsible and there is no way she would get in trouble.  Let me tell you why this story is true, Pucker does web cam porn for a living, what kind of people watch web cam porn the kind that have never got laid, are perverted, sick and f*cked up in the head and they are all stalkers because soon as they find one web cam girl they think they web cam girl loves them because she does things for them for money.  How hard would it be for Pucker to tell some weirdo in Chicago she loves him and needs him to do her a favor and beat some kid up in Chicago for a ten minute free webcast or something like that.  Nik what you think? is this true?

I think Nick Malibu tried to cut in line at White Castle and people in Chicago don’t stand for that kind of Diva attitude so he got jumped for his little hamburgers.- nik