Skanky Baby Mama - Sac River Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this couple makes me sick! Here is trashy Tiana from Sacramento again, here about 5-6 months preggers!!! Who the f*ck goes out to party on the river like this while pregnant?! Together these two are a team, this guy lies about his age, always claiming to be younger, and she just just recently turned 21!!! But as everyone knows has been in the scene and run through by all of Sac. Girls hate her and thats why she’s always gettin her ass beat on the river. Haha what a choice for a baby mama, gross! This will goto hell in handbasket real quick. Everyone is already laughin behind their backs. DA strong.

Sloot, yes, trashy tats, yes, douchebag, obviously, but I’m glad to see shes drinking water.  Athough the baby may come out with the DRD from that water.- nik