THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Lance Armstrong tried making another comeback this year at The Tour De France but this time it was different because he has so many people saying how he has taken steroids in the past when he won 7 tour de Frances in a row.  Well he finished 23rd this year, and most of the bicyclist are saying he did so bad because he wasn’t on steroids.  And it makes sense how could you dominate so much then suck when you get drug tested.  Cancer or no cancer that f*cker cheated and his whole career is a scam, Nik you’re not afraid to speak the truth, what do you think, juice or no juice?

Lance, just retire and go away.  The more attention you bring to yourself the worse it is going to get.  I believe Lance Armstrong was on performance enhancers for his entire career until now.  I also think Tiger Woods was on performance enhancers and he paid his wife and Rachel Uchitel to shut up.  It is crazy to see the drop off.- nik