Pnazi hits rock bottom

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, P-Nazi has hit rock bottom. His “business” is crumbling and his father doesn’t want to give any more cash to his money toilet of a son. His hundred dollar a month office/closet is actually a coatroom, where P-Nazi stole the classic P-Coat jacket from. Pnazi’s latest business moves include providing printing services which he still manages to lose his dad’s money. His apartment at the Optima is trashed, and he is going to try to skip out on paying for it and continue skating through life as a self-proclaimed website guru. When you see him out in public, try to notice the shame in his face.

It is tough being a celebrity in Scottsdale.  So many highs and lows for P-Nazi with everyone in this town coming up to him asking if he is P-Nazi, judging and staring.- nik