Sloppy HOE

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Call her Jess, Jessica, “J Saucy”.. we personally like to call her Sloppy Hoe. Shes known to get around. Her specialty is sleeping with people’s ex boyfriends, preferrably guys who ALSO get around. Not once has she ever been faithful to ANY of her boyfriends. even though she claims she does. if you think that you live in a small world, get to know her and your world would get even smaller, because she’s pretty much down to open her legs to anyone that is willing to take a risk with how nasty she is. she lies, cheats, is probably the shadiest/most dramatic bitch known. Oh and might I forget how DUMB the bitch is. she currently goes to a junior college and can barely pass her remedial classes that someone with down syndrome can even pass. Don’t let the pretty face fool ya, cuz her vagina is nothin but pretty. She probably created a new species of STDs circulating the city of sacramento as we speak. If your looking for someone who probably has the herps, full of drama, probably sleeping with your man, STUPID AS F*CK, and has more cellulite than Kirstie Alley, then Jess is your gal!

I don’t know why she is bothering with school if she is not gunna pass and end up being a full-time sloot anyways.- nik