THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ben Quayle is telling media that you are not friends and that he doesn’t even remember meeting you. Nik the guy keeps saying lie after lie and now he is saying he did write for, but didn’t know you? How does that make any sense? Why is he ashamed of The Dirty.. if anything it makes him cooler.

Ben, the truth shall set you free. I am not attacking you, I am just being honest. Stop listening to your bull sh*t advisors because they are making you look stupid. If you don’t remember me or Brock Landers that is cool. I guess I don’t remember the time you banged Tim-Marie (a chick) in my spare bedroom. I just let randoms spend the night and have sex with strangers… should I continue?- nik

**FYI- We met in Tahoe at a CBS celebrity golf tournament where we partied until 6 AM. How could you forget the crazy hooker?

Let me speak…. WTF! I didn’t know telling the truth was a form of blackmail?