THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like to introduce you to the second BIGGEST bust in TN Titans history, Rien Long. Rien was drafted by the Titans, and pp’d his chance to shine down the toilet! When with the team, he showed up out of shape, never tried, and played hurt every chance he got until he was eventually given the pink slip. Nashvillian’s were then forced to witness Rien hanging in Tin Roof nightly lying to Vanderbilt girls, getting himself sloppy drunk and trying to pass DRD’s. Now I go to Frayed Knot to get a drink and Rien is a DJ. I mean how do you get handed a job as a NFL player and you drink and party yourself into a DJ in a hole in the wall West End club? Rien should be put on BLAST for wasting his 6’6 frame and talent!!

I bet you he would have made it in the NFL if he was black.- nik

[Images: Gone City]