Just for you NIk all nashville's dirty's, We got Cody G, Suri, and the one and only fat nasty mccready

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to give you a gift for putting Nashville’s biggest tools on blast. Here are the 3 biggest douches in the Ville. Cody and Suri have already been on here a few times, But my personal favorite is the one and only Josh McCready. This fat ass said if you come to Nashville he’s going to get this crew to kick your ASS. Nik, Please let this tool know who really runs this sh*t.

JV- this is the homo who emailed you about ass raping you in an alley Josh McCready From Nashivlle Is Really Mad At You

Josh McCready, I only have one request when I come out to Nashville. When you are kicking my ass can we have Taylor Swift music playing in the background.- nik