What happens to bottle rats when their sugar daddy isnt around anymore? Goose crew out and about seeking new revenues

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, lately Goose has been spotting sponsoring low income jobs as a means to get paid, hence Gayviator stopped funding her high maintenance ass. Goose and her sloot crew is hundling up to find ways to climb to the top again by hoping to revenge off a trout payroll. Anyone who claims to making 7-8 digits please help put these females on your pay roll, they might be all used up but still they might value your personal companionship as a mean of getting in your pocket book. For these sloots, look at it as a utilitarian point of aspect. voluntary escort/sex for commission. Great deal aint it. GOD BLESS THE AMERICAN DREAM!

I think 27 is the age when women need to have their lives figured out. I feel bad for these 30 year olds. Where do they go from here?- nik