Two biggest whores

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you sumthin. These two whores go to the University of Memphis. (kyle and Colby) these are the loud bitches you see out all the time. they think they are so hott it makes me sick. the one on the right fcked so many of my friends boyfriends, its ridiculous. she had to move to florida during the summer bc people wouldn’t stop talkin’ shit about her. She likes to fk guys that are already taken. (well, the one on the left, hey name is Kyle. she is a psycho bitch who cannot get over her ex. she made up bunch of bs stories about him and got her parents involved. not only that, She likes to ride purple crayons.. ew Nik, tell these bitches they are pathetic and they need to grow up! look at kyle’s thighs. geeeeeez lay off the chocolate!

These girls are definitely drunk dials.- nik