THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Did you see this? August Busch IV had a 27 yr old aspiring model found dead in his mansion. The reports say the cause of death is nothing suspicious. I know something will come out on this one! As the article also mentions, Auggie wrecked his car in ’83 and killed the female passenger. According to the rumors I heard when I used to work for Budweiser, he was extremely drunk at a UofA bar, drove his Steve Sanders mobile, crashed, and was taken away from the scene by private helicopter, and charges were never filed. He got away with it once because of his money and power. Do you think he can again?

All these females dying around him is just Auggie being Auggie. I posted the model dying in his house a couple days ago and nobody cared. Also, the media doesn’t care. This guy is known for getting away with murder all the time. Who cares?- nik

Here’s the link: Model Dies In Beer Heirs House