THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Mark Sanchez has always been considered the 2nd most famous alumni from Mission Viejo High School because many consider you the most famous and successful alumni. For a second, I was thinking that Mark Sanchez deserves that title with the way he has been playing the past few weeks, but after last nights performance he proved to me why he will always be number 2.  And is it legal for him to be wearing that hat?

After last nights performance he is a disgrace to all MVHS students, faculty and alumni. I almost want to say I went to Servite or Mater Dai the way he embarrassed us last night. The guy is a joke and needs to be playing for the Raiders where he belongs. What do you think bandwagon OC Charger fans whose favorite football player is Mark Sanchez (how does that make any sense)?- nik

**He will never be #1 MVHS alumni and I give him 4 more seasons before he is shipped off to hold a clipboard like Leinart.