THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to see if you have heard what the hell your boy Smeagol and his pride and joy SmashBoxx have been up to?  You probably haven’t because you have never been here since it is so lame.  I hate working here but whatever a job is a job, gotta maintain that 30K milli lifestyle somehow right?  Anyways everyone that does come here is either looking for blow or E and thats why so many people come here for 1 drink go to the “Bathroom” and bounce out.  They got the bathrooms on lock down, making a pretty good profit, you can get blow or E, you just have to know the secret password.  If you are looking for blow you simply ask the attendant “Jenny loves Forest” and for E you simply tell the attendant “Sonny loves Cher” and bam you got either pepsi or e 10 seconds later. Yes, Nik I work for idiots.

Smeagol has always been into drugs and a dealer so this doesn’t surprise me. Plus, they are right next door to Crown Room which is the Pepsi hangout. It’s good to know the narcotics officers in Scottsdale have no idea what is going on in this town.- nik