THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I was watching the preview of the new OC Housewives season and cannot believe how much stuff they forgot to edit out and they were actually showing this to the world.  The first one I noticed was Tamra’s +2’s which are really nice for a woman her age, and the second one is Bethenny who has the worst boob job ever. Whoever does their editing needs to be fired ASAP, Nik do you think they did this on purpose?

This post was submitted by Bravo. I think it is completely distasteful how you take your biggest stars and use them as bait. They leave the full nudity in the teasers then clean them up later claiming “it was an accident”. Good thing you guys took screenshots and sent them to me so I could plug the failing shows for better ratings. Let’s be honest Tamra Barney is the only reason people watch the OC Housewives, all these new wannabe ACTORS suck.- nik