THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a few friends and I took our friend out to see Lauryn Hill for her birthday at Toads Place in New Haven, Ct. The doors opened at 8 and the show started at 9. This lady had us waiting until 11:30 before she even took the stage. She had the waitress who was taking her drink orders bow down to her before she served her. Her DJ didn’t even take the stage till 11:00. She was only on stage until 1:00. We paid $50 a ticket for an hour and a half show to see someone who hasn’t released anything in years and is playing at a college bar in Connecticut. Lame.

Everyone that books her hates working with her. She tried to not perform on New Years in New York City unless 150K was wired to her personal bank account. I don’t even remember who this chick is?- nik