amy is a gold digger

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Amy.  She is a gold digging DRD monster. She is at least 40 years old and no career path at all. She lives with a very wealthy older man that cheats on her all the time.  She has had atleast 8 different jobs in the past 10 years because she cant get along with anyone because she is jealous of everyone that is doing good in their life.  She used to be a T 95 girl back in the day but rumor has it she was sleeping with the djs and she got fired for it. When you meet her she puts on an act to make it seem like she is your friend but she will steal from you and back stab you the second she gets a chance.  Be careful boys she is only after your money since she cant keep a job of her own.

There’s no gold digging once you hit 30, definitely none at 40…good luck though.- nik