Bachelor contestant has quite the past.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Chantal O’Brien, contestant on this season’s Bachelor and if you believe the spoilers, the one that Bachelor Brad Womack chooses in the end. It turns out this girl has a lot to hide. Her first marriage to her high school sweetheart, the lead singer of some Z-list band Acceptance, ended in divorce in 2009. It turns out the reason for the divorce was that she cheated on him with some cop in the Seattle area where she lives. But it doesn’t end there; allegedly she was still chasing after her ex-husband all the way up until she left to go do the taping of The Bachelor. And this is the chick Brad supposedly chooses? Just goes to show you Nik, every woman has a history and they can’t be trusted.

Nobody ever works from that show. You pretty much sell your soul for money to try to make it work after taping. If this is the chick Brad chooses, he will probably cheat on her first. That Ali Fedotowsky girl from San Diego is going to get a million dollars if she marries that Mexican dude.- nik

**Trista Sutter and her b*tch are on payroll… don’t want to hear it.