THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, when I saw the picture of his 2 east coast girlfriends I had lost all respect for Bam, but then a friend up mine from San Francisco sent me this picture.   Her name is Melissa and she is from San Fran and I find her to be very attractive.  Its good to know with all his damn weird clothing and lifystyle that he can still pull some hot chicks.  Nik, you are pretty good at giving people advice about life, would you give Bam some and if so what would you tell him?

I wouldn’t give him any advice. He loves degrading his wife. The guy has zero respect for himself. Missy, if you are reading this… what the F*CK are you doing? The world is watching your soul go to sh*t by your husband’s public actions.- nik


**Update: Exclusive: Bam Margera Pulls A Mark Sanchez And Hooks Up With 17 Year Old Canadian Girl

Bam Margera’s East Coast Girls