THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jennine Schaaf. Or as she is known in our weak ass Alberta music scene “Lady Amrak”.  Plays off her obvious sexuality and is a mediocre Dj. *plot thickens*  See there are a dime a dozen She-Jays out there but this one has a colorful past. Which includes (if you google there will be more in depth descriptions ) “Bj’s hj’s” even Z-Jays.  Straight up the girl used to “escort” under the name and get this, “Karma”. Google it. Huney if your going to reinvent yourself have the brains to cover your tracks.  This is proof that being a DJ in North America is a lateral move for a prostitute. Move over David Guetta, someone who sucks more Greg then you.

For the record, chicks cannot be DJ’s unless they are lesbian guy looking.- nik