THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So this is Daniel Ewasiuk. I need to let every girl out there no somethings. Daniel is a dirty alcoholic scum bag. I slept with him, and he gave me and DRD! Guess which one! GENITAL WARTS, which is UNCURABLE, by the way. Not only that he is dating his the girl who was dating the guy his ex girlfriend cheated on him with! YES! Everyone needs to no he is dirty, and he needs to be shut down, he thinks he is gods gift to woman when he is nothing but dirt. Along side him is his crack addicted friend billy, who by chance is cheating on his girlfriend and lying to her about smoking crack! yay. Please Nik help me get this guy known before he does this to another girl!

Wow posing in front of fountains is so bad ass.- nik