THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ATTENTION NICK MALIBU FANS:  In this new video posted by the one and only youtuber, wannabe famous, gay Nick Malibu, he explains why he is so done and over “” making fun of him and he tells us that his name is not really Nick Malibu… He is going to make his real identity known to the public and will not be some fake gay anymore. These are not his actual words but definitely what he means! So watch the video here.

**Can you believe we posted Nick Malibu for the first time over a year ago, and he still has not changed the battery for the fire alarm.- JV

This is a VERY sad video. It hurts my heart. Nick Malibu was part of our everyday lives, we invited him into our homes and offices. We cried with him, we laughed with him and more importantly we loved him. You will be missed Nick Mopoitroplois and as a parting gift I will send you a battery for your fire alarm. I hope you find peace my friend.- nik