THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve known about Ashley Alexiss for a while now and I met her not too long ago. Ever since Ashley “won” Playboy Miss Social February she is convinced that she is a Playboy Bunny. She has made it clear many times it is her dream to pose for Playboy, and wants to be a role model for other girls who are chasing their dreams as well. I don’t quite see the positive side of girls looking up to a female who poses nude for men, but maybe it’s just me. I love her little saying “I don’t do it for me, I do it for us”. Well please do US a favor and put your clothes back on. No one else is going on these free vacations, I mean photo shoots, that men pay for so they can see her half naked. She just got back from her free trip to the Dominican for that Hemigirls Calendar shoot and the pictures aren’t flattering AT ALL. I totally support curvy models but she is just fat with unusually shaped boobs. There is absolutely NO way she could become a Playmate unless she loses at least 50 lbs. and gets those things fixed. Although her Facebook photos are blocked, she did put up some from the Hemigirls shoot and a couple that she took of herself. I think they need a new editor because her stomach looks different in every picture, some with her fat hanging over her bikini and some extremely photo shopped. Here are a few of my favorites; I think she might need a little more make-up though. What do you think?

I think she should be the face for Dunkin Donuts.- nik