THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Holly, she is one of the sickest dirtiest girls you will meet in Winnipeg, not only did she get knocked up to keep her boyfriend around but now he’s going to marry her only because of that baby. (If it’s even his) This girl is a for SURE class 5 clinger. I swear she must’ve slept with half of Winnipeg by now, I’m amazed she even landed a boyfriend. I feel bad for Scott having to put up with her bs all the time must get tiring. This sloot needs to get herself a reality check just because you have a baby doesn’t make you the “wifey” type. Grow up Holly. I can’t believe I was ever your friend.

She needs to learn how to better contain those saggers, the general population does not want to see two bags of lard.- nik