Dirty Mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,, this here is Nicole Archibeque. She is a 19 year old single MOM who still goes out to clubs every week, gets guys numbers, and hooks up with them. For real? stay at home with ur newborn. Her and her slooty little friends run around like they own all the clubs in Sacramento. Nicole is like 4’6″ and tries to fight girls twice her size thinking she will win. Lets be real Nicole, think about what your doing. What if you get your *ss beat? then who will take care of your kid?? why do young girls think they can have a kid at such a young age and still go out and party all the time? Way to be responsible…someone please tell this girl how f*cking ridiculous she is and slap some sense into her!

Hooters is pretty much only known for E coli and beat single moms.- nik