Douchebag of Yuma

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Dylan Small needs to be put on here for multiple reasons. He’s slept with his roommates girl friends, and thinks he can kick any ones ass because he was in the army. He got kicked out for doing ccaine/weed whatever it was he gives different stories to everyone. He is the definition of a slut. He’ll fck anything with a pssy. Even 16 and 17 year olds! He is like 21 or 22. ayejay, Maggie are also two of the local sluts here of Yuma and are under aged.
Haha get this he says he cant be dirty cause he does visual inspection before having sex but I guess he didn’t look hard enough cause he now has drd. and in all honesty he says that he still goes to bars and he tells girls he has drd and they still want to fck him.

Clearly he’s lying, just a douchebag looking for warm holes.- nik