THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Stacy Salazar needs to be a dirty celeb. She has been on here before and has been blasted a few times but they always seem to get removed… The lastest dirt of this one is she took some time of from the Rhino to work the WSOP… She was a escort for a few diffrent major players… Crazy a few diffrent ones… gosh do the players know this and dont care or does she just sneak around… she just picked up her second assult charge in Las vegas and soon will lose her Sheriffs card… She also has 2 complaints for prostituion in Las Vegas area… DIrty DIrty Girl.. This girl use to look like a boy and once was the sport superstar for her local New Mexico High School… look at the little boy pick…  Shes f*cked all the guys in all the pics…… but she claims she does not like SEX i guess she likes being a wh*re….or the money they pay here for it.

Her and Carrot Top should make babies.- nik