Meet Chris Dino, the online loser!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Chris Dino. He’s an online loser to the tenth degree. He spends most of his days on Facebook harassing girls in the area. He moved to Raleigh from NY for a job, but he never leaves his house. Tell me that isn’t sketchy? He even has a few fake celebrity twitter accounts. TBillWalton is the one he’s most proud of. He and another guy pretend to be Bill Walton and tweet under that name. They use it to pick up dumb chicks. He’s a predator and he lies on his greg. He claims to slay chicks and when asked, the girls claim not to even know him. He’s 30-something but looks younger. And with pics like the ones posted, tell me he isn’t a quasi-downs syndrome reject? Ladies and fellas in the Raleigh area, watch out for this lame!

What’s he covering with his arm?? his stomach must flap like a girl who just gave birth.- nik