Happy HAlloween BIT#$ES from Mr. & Mrs. 615

THE DIRTY ARMY: What’s up Nik and all you worthless low life peasants! I am still making money, exposing fools and banging my fine a$$ MILF Cassie. I’m sure all you losers are sitting around this weekend, wondering what Mr. 615 and Mark West are doing, meanwhile we are out living life to the fullest! Dad and I recently opened a killer car lot, Ive been going to my daughters softball games, hanging with family and REAL friends (not the ones who steal pics and put me on TheDirty!) I’ve learned alot lately about who is my real tru friends and who is just a fake hater! You know who I am talking to! Also Nik, I have real love, not a marriage based on getting attention like you and your chic have! In a few years you all will be irrelevant and Ill still be winning! Im not even 30 yet!!! Check out our home made Maverick and Goose Halloween costumes..you like Nik?

What’s the point of submitting this Mr. 615? Obviously you miss the attention.- nik