F**K Reno

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Reno should just be on here. Everybody here is either trying to f*ck you or f*ck you over. It doesn’t matter because you probably couldn’t find one person that’s worth your time around here. This town is full of people that are just disgusting both inside and out. Most of you deserve a lot worse then just being slammed on some website. Oh, and you really shouldn’t be blaming Nik. He isn’t the one submitting the photos or writing the personal (yet true) comments. Besides for the most part the people that are writing these comments sound more dumb then the people their writing about. Good job guys! Nik only chimes in his two cents after the fact. And your only mad because you know he’s right. Nik, you make my day, so thank you. And F*ck Reno!

Reno sucks.- nik