Douche Alert in Tennessee

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is Matt Fagiana. He’s a total mess. He used to be a cop in Knoxville and Atlanta. Now he is based in Knoxville but comes to Nashville to party it up, have sex with tons of guys, and pretend to be a straight Christian. He used to date girls and just have random encounters with guys in his cop car….then he came out to some people…then he went BACK in the closet and started dating girls again. He’s your typical “good ole’ boy” trying to save face and be Christian around town. Everyone sees through the BS and knows what he’s up to. Choose a team Matt – and if you can’t, then just be honest about it to the guys and girls in TN you’re putting through the ringer.

Don’t these cops have a locker room at their office… his colleagues should be careful.- nik