Dirty Pig

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ugly ass kid is Anthony Nemeth. He used to be my boyfriend but hes such a player cheats on me ALL the time. He’s 21 and im 14 that is basically called rape and illegal but he doesnt care except getting it in. the problem is niki he’s got NO DICK he over exaggerates but the truth of the matter is that hes got a 3in. dick. ALL HE DOES IS SEXT and text girls so they can hang with him but ALL his intensions are is to GET IT IN. Nicki please consider this he is ruining and changing many peoples life and getting them pregnant he has 4 kids and 2 on the way. one of them is ME of course and another one thats 17. He;’s a HORNBALL and this really needs to stop. hes a player and such a jackass. I really need your help to warn the other girls around the summit area so they wont fall into his games. .

How does he get ya…he plays the gay card doesn’t he.- nik