Dirty cop!

(Click on the image to see Officer Anthony Rose without his “Uniform”)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this cop / d-bag, Anthony Rose, had been exposing himself on duty (the photos below were off duty, but he was literally taking photos of his junk right after a traffic stop while in uniform and in a patrol car), using his position as an Albany Police Officer to meet and date girls (one woman from a civil standby he was dispatched to, and another he saw during a crash investigation, oh and a bunch of barista’s in town), who he was later showing naked photos of to a bunch of other officers down at the station. Anthony also lost his gun while drunk at a party in Salem. So if you sent Anthony naked photos there is a good chance he showed a bunch of other cops down in Albany. Girls watch out for this tool!

I clicked on the image and I am pretty sure he uses Head and Shoulders shampoo down below.- nik