Elementary school teacher gone bad.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, been a fan of your site for a few years. Never thought I’d be posting something though, but I believe in what you’re doing. So, this girl’s name is Kelsey McCarthy, the most narcissistic bitch I’ve ever met. Did I mention scandalous as well? She’s very much into herself, f*cking selfish b*tch. She is supposedly gay, dated girls pretty much most of her teenage and adult life. She married one of my girlfriends last year, only to break her heart a few months after they got married because she decided she wasn’t interested in the relationship anymore. What a f*cking heartless c*nt!!! She f*cked around with a few other girls I know, and was involved in a domestic violence incident that resulted to her going to jail. The sad thing is that this poor excuse of a human being is an elementary school teacher. Who in their right mind would trust this person with their child? I’m surprised she didn’t get her teaching certificate revoked, but that’s Tucson for you. I guess she’s dating a boy now, possibly lying low until she finds another girl she can play around with. You can usually see this confused lesbian wandering around in your local clubs and bars in Tucson. Be warned boys and girls!!! Underneath all that Maybelline, you will see a scandalous and manipulative small town low life. Nik, save this girl from herself!!!

What a role model.  At least she’s not a pedo, that’d be awkward.- nik