THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, meet Christie Coura she’s got the biggest following in the Portland/Vancouver area. That being said I’ve been friends with her for a year or so now and am I the only one who thinks she’s gone down the deep end? Just look at how much she’s gotten skinnier & alien looking in the pictures above. She just got a job at a “club” downtown but whenever anyone asks her where she seems to avoid the question, probably because she’s working at a strip joint. She always posts about how much weed she smokes and how much she drinks & she plasters half naked pictures of herself all over her social networking sites and is just crying out for attention.. This girl is just dying to be known as a “Sex Kitten” that every girl wants to be & since there’s only followers who reside in our town of course every girl and guy obsesses over her. I just don’t see what’s so great about her. She’s changed so much within a year I’m curious to see where she ends up next year. Everyone in Portland/Vancouver seems to idolize the most disgusting people. There’s no such thing as a leader in Portland… Only followers.

So to be a leader you just need to take half naked pictures?- nik