THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Elena, miss AZ as she likes to call herself.  Met her at a party once exchanged #’s, buddies told me she was easy so I invited her over, only took about 5 texts, 10 by the time I have her directions (shes clueless).  Anyways so chatted her up when she got here had a few drinks and it was off to the races.  We were making out and started to playfully wrestle a bit, ya know kinky sh*t, then she farted.  Wasn’t a big deal, I laughed a bit but wanted to get back to business, she did not.  So was obviusly embarrassed but come on now it happens, she hopped ff my bed and started talking some nonsense to me as she slowly walked out the door, leaving me there half naked with c*ck in hand.  Me and my buddies have agreed that there’s only one reason this happened, she SHARTED!!! someone with the nickname miss EZ would never back down from a greg.  So there you have it, Elena the easiest girl in AZ has loose butt flaps.