THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the douche owner of the Canyon Inn Paul Ambrus. Seen him at Sharkeez talking BS that he played professional baseball. If you’ve seen the Bar Rescue episode he claims that he finished his “career” out here. Well here is the proof that this idiot is a typical New York sh*t talker. Baseball-Reference. has no record of him playing on any minor league team and on his facebook page he states that he moved from NY after his so called baseball career ended, so how did it end out here like he claimed on nation television. The funniest thing has to be the outburst he posted on his bar’s facebook page after somebody called him a douche after seeing Bar Rescue. Says the show is fake and a couple of sentences later says the only real thing was him being a douchebag. Put this NEW YORK POS on blast, he’s definitely earned it.

He only destroys people he gets a chance to stick it in.- nik