THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am so sick of seeing all these fake profiles on facebook of supposed “Omaha hotties”. Now don’t get me wrong there are some attractive females in O-town, BUT girls like this just plain don’t exist. Several bots are out there claiming to be Lizzy this or Jennifer that, but they’re all bots. Most using Brock’s chick or Brock’s Chick’s Ex-BFF Elle’s photos to create these profiles saying they live in Lincoln or Omaha, when they clearly don’t. I find it pathetic that they’re too ashamed to show who they really are and won’t add people that way (probably because they’re just losers who like to spy on peoples pages and get attention for being a fake person), and I feel embarrassed for the people who believe these chicks actually exist in Nebraska! Take the attached pic-she says her name is Jennifer Marie. Doubt it. So i’m asking you and the rest of the DA, who is she REALLY? I’d like to personally respond to her friend request busting her out with her real name. BTW- love the page.

Her smile reminds me of the Asian Alien I have nightmares about.- nik